Keijo Kangur is an author and occasional photographer from Estonia who has written poetry, film and video game reviews, historical and philosophical articles, short stories, a travelogue, and a novel. He writes in both Estonian and English.

Coming from a working-class background, he has worked as a telemarketer, in construction, at a warehouse, at a pizza parlor, as a postal sorter, at call centers, as a data entry clerk, for an airline, and as an anti-money laundering investigator.

Although he has never been to college, he has spent years studying philosophy, science, and literature. From his studies and life experience, he has developed views which may be compared to those most famously expressed by Rust Cohle in the TV series True Detective. Above all, he considers himself an antinatalist.

His favorite fiction tends to be the kind that is based on the author's own life and focuses on the darker side of existence. His own works likewise draw strongly from his real-life experiences and revolve around the darker aspects of being.

Despite all this, he does possess a sense of humor and tries not to take himself too seriously all the time.